Fins are the new fangs! Mermaids are rising up in our pop culture—from singers like Lady Gaga and Madonna, to movie stars who pose in glittering tail flukes, to authors whose 21st century mermaids are sassy, sexy, and strong. Acclaimed author, Brenda Peterson, chronicles why mermaids are the new vampires. To mermaids, ours is not a dying world, but one worth falling in love with—and saving.

Mermaids Rising gathers together interviews with professional mermaids, Peterson’s own lively and informative Huffington Post articles on the new mermaid mania, and an excerpt from her new YA novel, The Drowning World, welcomed as “amazing and haunting,” an “irresistible page turner.” When pop culture evolves from vampires to mermaids, it suggests a more romantic, regenerative, and hopeful trend. So why not shape-shift! Buy Mermaids Rising on here.

Cover note: Professional mermaid, Hannah Fraser, whose photo graces this cover, is an actress and performer dedicated to marine conservation. A real mermaid, she swims with sharks, manta rays, dolphins, and whales to raise awareness of our underwater world.