A seductive and mysterious Celtic romance from award-winning author Brenda Peterson. In 1916, in the brooding Scottish Hebrides Islands, London debutante-turned-governess, Seraphina Tighinn MacKenzie, uncovers her hidden heritage and a father's legacy when she finds a secret journal of a long-ago love affair. Seraphina meets a strange, young silkie-man -- a changeling who alters the life of every woman he loves, throughout lifetimes. Hypnotic and otherworldly,The Secret Journal of Kate Morag is a haunting story of ancestral memory in the tradition of The Winter Sea -- a watery Wuthering Heights.

What Readers Say: The Secret Journal of Kate Morag

5.0 out of 5 stars

 A haunting paranormal romance Five Stars

"This is a haunting story, reminiscent of Susanna Kearsley's "The Winter Sea." Drawing on the Celtic tradition of Selkies, sea creatures that come onto land, shed their seal skins and bewitch lonely women, Brenda Peterson's story of ancestral memory in the Hebrides Islands reads like an enchanting fairy tale and legend. The perfect read with a hot pot of tea or luscious cognac, curled up beside the fire on a stormy night.

A timeless story of mystery and myth set in wild nature. Five Stars.

"Celtic myths of the "silkies" have long fascinated me. Yes, this is a love story, but such narratives of how humans and animals are integrated in our essential natures are both timeless and universal across cultures. Descriptions of the wild sea and coastline of the Scottish Hebrides will draw you into this tale much like the pull of an ocean tide. Since I was reading it onscreen, I purposely set the mood as spring rains pounded at my windows here in my country home and a fire crackled in the wood stove. I brewed a cup of Earl Grey tea and put on a CD of the music of a Celtic harp playing softly in the background. A transcendent journey to be sure. I found that like any good story, in the days that followed, I wanted to read it again and again. My only dissatisfaction was that the story ended too soon. Perhaps Ms. Petersen has a full-length novel in view. I really hope so!"